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My Personal Triumph Over Grief

My triumph over grief is not that I have overcome grief in it's entirety, my triumph is that I have learned how to deal with grief and the losses that come with life. By taking a series of actions to heal my broken heart, I have gained skills. I can now apply those skills to any loss that comes my way. There is a peace and comfort that comes from knowing there is no way I can dodge or avoid grief in this lifetime. And, there is something about that which makes me feel more alive. #griefrecoverymethod

From my personal and most profound grief, I took the steps necessary to live a life, once again, where I can find joy. On this long cancer journey with my daughter, I was fortunate to have discovered my true purpose. I also learned how to not sweat the small stuff, to always honor my inner child, and that legacy matters. #legacymatters

In 2018, I made a radical career change from a Medical Esthetician to a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and founded a company called Grief Recovery Texas, LLC, to help other grievers. I am trained to take grievers through the same process that helped to heal my broken heart and allow me to see that a future full of happiness is possible. #griefrecoverytexas

The outcomes and results for my clients are beyond my control. The outcome depends on the griever's participation. With that said, I am so happy I get to wake up everyday now and be vulnerable and show up for others by walking them through the grief recovery process.

People have asked me why I want to dedicate my life to listening to grievers. They say it's not sexy. It's too sad. My response is always, "No one dreams of growing up and being intimately involved with grief....one arrives at that station in life". We can let grief kill us or we can turn our experience with grief into our superpower. And, that is what I have done. #griefismysuperpower #empathyissexy #heartwithears #griefrecoverytexas

- Brenna Robinson